The State and Revolution by Vladimir Lenin

So, a little context about this book first. It was written by Lenin a few months before the actual Russian revolution happened in order to clarify concepts and points he saw where being misunderstood by other revolutionaries.

The main ideas of the book are the fact that the state is a tool for class oppression, and after the revolution takes place, the state as we know, i.e. the bourgeoisie state, should be dismantled.

This process would take place right away, leading to a new form of organisation of the society, around the commune. Which would have still some “birth marks” of the previous system in it, but would go gradually perfecting itself.

In the commune, government officials would earn the same as any regular worker, and there would be no perks or extra benefits to those positions.


The military and police bodies would be abolish too, since now the control of the arms would be in the workers hands, since they would be the class in charge through the transition, and, as all the other classes vanish or get in-sync with the workers, the use of force will not be necessary anymore.

Personally I think we can use some of the ideas Lenin presents right away (meaning not having to wait until a revolution actually happens), like the reducing of the government officials salaries. I mean they are ridiculously high right now! And in doing so, the state would have more resources to invest in the people, in things like hospitals, schools, roads, a many other things the country needs so desperately.

Also the abolishing of the police and army would be good (think of how much money we would not spend in wages), but it would take some serious education of the people in order to understand the measure and in order to train them to take charge of security on their own hands. And for that we might not be ready just yet.

The book covers other areas, of course, but I believe this are the most relevant ones. Still, if you feel like reading it, be my guest! And come back to discuss this and – or – other topics cover in the book.

(I’ll be uploading the presentation later on today, in the meantime feel free to scan trough the actual book pages The State and Revolution)


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