The Cinema and Directing by KJI

When talking about North Korea, it is often easy to just believe whatever the MSM tells us, nothing particularly wrong, but certainly biased and not that helpful when what you want is to actually get to know something meaningful about this strange place beyond the headlines.

Digging a little into whatever work (“The cinema and Directing” in this case) comes out of the “hermetic kingdom” may help us understand just a bit better the true nature of this country. Once you’ve passed the usual “propaganda”, you can find traces of whatever they actually want to accomplish, at least ideally.

A place where everybody works together to achieve a greater goal that serves society, the value of understanding peoples everyday struggle, the defence of the motherland, and so on; misunderstood ideas that, if they came from another nation, would be seen as admirable, heroic, but given its origin are seen as fanatic, extremist or radical.

At the end I say give it a chance, open your mind just enough to, perhaps not share or even like their point of view, but certainly get where they are coming from; and not take this interesting nation as mere barbaric people, something they are not.

And, believe it or not, I got all this from a book on how to do a Movie.



2 thoughts on “The Cinema and Directing by KJI

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment.
      Well, we in the west tend to hear on and on one side of the story about North Korea, but very rarely we hear something actually from their perspective, and that leads to us having a bias and unfair opinion (And sure, it is their fault…). But I thought reading something that actually came from them might actually shine a light on the way they understand the world, and for me, I think it did.


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